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Top 16 Belt Flashlights

  Flashlight Case, PeleusTech Large Open Tail Ultrafire Flashlight Holster Belt Carry Holder Case Pouch Skin fits Ultrafire C8 Maglite Flashlights-Up to 150mm/5.9Inch - Fits ultrafire c8 & larger maglite flashlights. Can accommodate flashlight crown of 2″ in diameter and body of 15″ diameter length of holster 6″. Carry holster case with velcro & button clasp,

16 Greatest Pneumatic Power Clamps

  De-Sta-Co 82M-7D6gc83h-13209A-13199A Pneumatic Power Clamp 82M-7D6gc83h-13209A-13199A - De-sta-co 82m-7d6gc83h-13209a-13199a pneumatic power clamp with two arms, one 6-1/2″ and one 5-1/2″.   De-Sta-Co 82M-8Dr50c83-23818A Pneumatic Power Clamp 82M-8Dr50c83-23818A - Product dimensions 1500 x 300 x 500 inches. Condition used, good. Weight 800lb.   Tunkers Ku 50 V A033 T12 Npt 5-45 Pneumatic Power Clamp Ku 50 V

18 Greatest Rock Hammers

  Rock Hammer / Rock Pick Pointed Tip Valley Soft-Touch 20 Oz Chipping - The pointed tip doesn’t have as much bend or bow to it as does the estwing supreme pointed tip rock hammer. The valley soft-touch 20 oz pointed tip rock hammer has a square faced striking head on one end and a pointed

16 Greatest Sheet Metal Hole Saws

  Bosch HSM136 1-3/8-Inch-35mm Sheet Metal Hole Saw - Bosch hole saws feature progressor tooth geometry, combining cutting teeth with specially designed chip-removal teeth for super-fast cutting action in metal and wood. . These hole saws work with standard or with bosch quick change mandrels (quick change requires adapters).   Bosch HSM600 6-Inch 152mm Sheet Metal

Best and Coolest 17 Carbide Drill Bits

  Sandvik Coromant Hard Cut Carbide Drill Bit, Jobber Length, Uncoated (Bright) Finish, Round Shank, Straight Flute, Spade Point, 2mm Size - Spade point removes broken taps and hardened bolts, and drills glass, chilled cast iron, and other difficult-to-drill materials. Uncoated (bright) finish has no additional surface treatment or coating. Drilling depth is 5 times the

Top 20 Best Tree Saws

  PROFESSIONAL FOLDING MULTI-PURPOSE HAND SAW For Cutting Wood, Bone and PVC. Features TRIPLE CUT RAZOR TEETH, 65Mn Spring Steel Blade Ideal for Tree Pruning, Hunting, Camping, and Gardening. - Rugged 7″ triple-cut blade, features 7 tpi ( teeth per inch) constructed from precision laser cut 65 mn high carbon, heat treated spring steel offers superior

20 Top Actuated Tools

  Simpson Strong Tie PT-27 .27 Caliber Strip Load Powder Actuated Tool w/Accessories - No. Pt-27 capacity 0. Semi-automatic. Complete with case and includes spall suppressor, disassembly tools, safety glasses, ear plugs, tool lubricant, cleaning brushes, and caution sign. Fastener length 1/2″ through 2-1/2″. 27 caliber, type single shot.   HIlti 376373 Powder-actuated tool DX 462-HM

16 Most Wanted Deming Drills

  IRWIN 91140 5/8-Inch Silver and Deming Drill Bit, Pack of 1 - Bit is constructed of m-7 high speed steel for high resistance to abrasion during tough drilling applications. This product is manufactured in china. This product is highly durable. All silver & deming bits are 6″ long and feature a 1/2″ reduced shank that

24 Best Quality Carbides

  SHINA 10x 45° Degree Hi Quality Carbide Steel CNC Router Pyramid engraving Bits - A wide range of materials can be engraved or cutting, including copper, aluminum, iron, jade and other hard materials engraving and cutting fine majority of plastics, acrylic, pvc, nylon, resin wood, plywood, hardwood fibre glass, marble, etc material with high quality

24 Most Wanted Aluminum Oxide Sanding Discs

  POWERTEC 4D1006A 10-Inch 60 Grit Aluminum Oxide Adhesive Sanding Disc, 10-Pack - A terrific value, you will be thrilled with the results you achieve with these sturdy, dependable and effective sanding discs. We aim to guarantee that your sanding work is always top grade and hassle free. These industrial-strength sanding accessories are constructed of premium